No reliable structure can be built without a solid foundation. To keep up our quality commitment we permit no flaw works and shipments. Rigorous reviewing is being carried out in every factory process to ensure things are running smoothly and productions are of the highest quality.

There are essentially the following advantages of adopting Palicom LED products for signage system:

Approval by Credited Laboratories
Palicom LED products are CE and RoHS approved and additionally, our LEDs, modules and string elements had been tested by European laboratory over long periods of time to record a true usable lifespan. Process results shown our LED string products were utilizing the least power and having longest lifespan than others in the same test.

Our products are being taken up in significant quantities by reputable European sign makers and manufacturers of LED luminaries covering various industrial sectors as Petroleum, Automobile, Chain stores and Banking finance.

High Consistency in Light Color
With many years of close working and technical collaboration we gain full supports and receive good LED supplies of consistent color chromaticity and brightness. In our factories LEDs are being matched and placed in well designed products to achieve the highest degree of color consistency.

High Level of Brightness Intensity
Besides reliable LEDs, constant current circuitry is adopted in products for maintaining the highest stability of light brightness throughout long strings. Not only consistent brightness eliminates extra materials, it saves space and power.

Higher Efficiency in Power
Clients are getting higher light efficiency from our LED products than others, this is being accomplished by our regular reviewing on our circuitry, component, and production method. We assure clients that our LED products will result in higher light efficiency at same power consumption.

Long Lifespan
Combined advantages of our reliable LED, protective resin coating, proven electrical circuitry, durable connectors and geared with stringent production and QA works, the lifespan of our LED products are 50.000 hours and beyond.